It feels like I have no voice



When I can’t seem to get a word in edge wise

When other just do something for me

When I make a decision but someone wants something else

When others decide they know how I feel

When I feel under appreciated.


There are several times that we may encounter this and it is for the most part happening truthfully.

Well with a brain injury this happens more than you may think.

When I am in a crowd others just speak for me because they assume I can’t be heard. Ok I may not be heard but I don’t know until I try.

When getting out of the house with people they give me some suggestions and I decide something that will probably work better for me then. Then they decide to do something different. I’m not complaining but why did you ask me to decide?

When I work my butt off and probably get a lot more done than most to accuse me of performing negatively. Boy would they love to know I have physical proof of documents being changed in a negative way. Isn’t that against the law?

There are always people with a glorified attitude that is all about them. They think they know, but do they always?

When I come to these points in time I have to step back and just shut up. For the first few months I’m sure I had no voice and I’m very thankful for what decisions were made for me and about me.

But then there were the weeks, months, and years after.

I learned to walk again because I wanted to.

I learned to eat and dress myself because I wanted to.

I went back to school because I wanted to. I earned my Associates, Bachelors, and Masters in Forensic Accounting with near perfect GPA’s.

I relearned how to drive because I wanted to.

I got a job because I wanted to.

I took up paracycling because I wanted to.

Did you notice that all of these ended in “Because I wanted to”?


Put your mind to it and you can achieve it. Life is not perfect so why should you be?

4 thoughts on “It feels like I have no voice

  1. The “because I wanted to” kept you going! Keep doing what you love!

    Liked by 1 person

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