It feels like I have no voice

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When I can’t seem to get a word in edge wise

When other just do something for me

When I make a decision but someone wants something else

When others decide they know how I feel

When I feel under appreciated.


There are several times that we may encounter this and it is for the most part happening truthfully.

Well with a brain injury this happens more than you may think.

When I am in a crowd others just speak for me because they assume I can’t be heard. Ok I may not be heard but I don’t know until I try.

When getting out of the house with people they give me some suggestions and I decide something that will probably work better for me then. Then they decide to do something different. I’m not complaining but why did you ask me to decide?

When I work my butt…

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4 thoughts on “It feels like I have no voice

  1. Yeah I always say in the world we have to find our signal from the noise. For every positive thing come with lot of noise around and as physics states, to get your signal you have to tune out the noise. A nicely done writeup and I am happy you achieved everything that you desired

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  2. Mishkat Al Moumin February 24, 2019 — 1:48 pm

    Great writing! Thank you for sharing.

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