Recruiters work to find candidates for jobs

but often they have to work with what they are given and try to upsell a candidate that is close but has superior experiences or skills.


Sometimes we just need to work with the cards we are dealt in life. These may get shuffled but you need to find yourself again.

I know this is difficult because my cards get shuffled often. I think my deck is faulty? With each shuffle new paths must be taken.


But what if this new path is not viable? Do you continue on  it or turn back to find a new path to take? The choice is yours and yours alone.

To put this into real world experience, I was in high school active in band and JROTC. At the time my boyfriend enlisted in the Navy and it seemed like the cards were headed that way so I enlisted to. I made it into the Nuke program and was destined to leave during the summer. My parents were obviously not happy and my cards got shuffled. I made a switch to the Army National Guard as an MP and that made them a bit happier. I went and came home from training but then my cards got shuffled again. After being in a horrific car accident, I had to play my cards from the beginning. I played my cards to start to recover and it was during this time that I picked up paracycling. I also apparently played the work card because I started working.

Fast forward 3 years and I am no longer working. I have a few ideas as to why but no one has given me a truthful answer. Fast forward about 6 months and it seems like I am being pushed out of paracycling due to the screwed up classification system.

My cards are getting shuffled again and I am not too happy with it.


Just as recruiters work to find candidates for jobs, my jobs is to find a position that will give me a chance despite maybe being overqualified for one reason or another.

Are you playing your cards or are they getting shuffled?


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