A much needed rain brought the temperatures down

but humidity rose a lot.

thermometer hot

We needed the rain as it nearly hit close to triple digits. With the rain it sure brought the temperatures down but at the same time the humidity levels at rose.

It is summer so humidity is expected.

I moved my riding to the gym a week or so ago and so riding wasn’t affected that much. The roads around here are full of potholes and I really don’t know or think that they will be fixed anytime soon.

I’m usually there about 6 am when it is cooler and I am often shocked by the amount of people on the road at that time. Where are they going? Is it already time for work at 6 am?

But the much needed rain helped the grass and flowers grow. Pretty soon there will be lawn mowers buzzing every few days. That just seems to be the norm around here. It seems like lawncare workers get about half of the year off.

You can learn a lot about yourself when situations change and you must be able to adapt. This is not just for people with a disability of course! You learn what you can stand and takes the necessary steps to make it so that you can stand it.


If it is raining, do that inside.

If it’s humid then do it earlier in the day.

If you can’t stand someone then find out why and work to correct it.

As always practice makes perfect. It may not be right on the first try but keep trying and you will succeed!

3 thoughts on “A much needed rain brought the temperatures down

  1. Great post dear. 🌸👍

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