Build it and they will come

A farmer gets a voice in “Field of Dreams” to build it and they will come.

So they build a baseball field and soon they have a baseball game in that field.

The concept is quite interesting. We see build it and they will come all over the place.

At work they built QuickBooks Online to help consumers track their finances. As they grow to make it better more people sign up to use it.

As engineers build roads people will start to travel down them to often see places they may have not known of before.

When developers build new and exciting apps more and more users will use it

Who would have thought that Zoom would be so popular in 2020?

Having been in the military I know just to give it all to get shit done. It is just second nature and it may not always be the pretiest.

So I was going to get out of work in just enough time to travel the 12 minutes to my appointment. In fact I left early enough that I was going to be early.

Oh I was so excited!

But then I go to turn on a main road and someone missed the turn and turned right into a pile of ice and snow. The guy in front of me got out to help.

And instead of backing up I grabbed my cane and got out to help.

Soon I was boxed in and 5 or 6 guys were helping. What was I to do?

Eventually the guy did get out but I was over 15 minutes late to a 30 minute appointment and I still had to drive there. So I called it off.

So “build it and they will come”

If we continue to build then others will come.

What are you building for others to come to?

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