I’m torn

Often it feels like no one even cares and it is even more frustrating.

We have been pretty much locked inside since March and I don’t see this ending anytime soon.

But yet when I try to do something, someone will talk me out of it. Look I know I don’t have a spleen but if I want to take the risk of getting sick to do something I like doing that should be my decision and not yours!

By now most of you know that I am pretty messed up physically.

I don’t walk like most of you.

I don’t talk like most of you.

I don’t have a thought process like most of you.

I know when not to take risks but I also know that I deserve to live and act the way I can AND NOT how someone else thinks I should be.

I have worked my ass off to get where I am today and most of you don’t fully understand. You may say you do but do you really know?

Last time I checked we were all made differently from birth and no 2 people who suffer a brain injury have the same exact injuries and impact of those injuries.

I am very talented and I work to get shit done. I hate when people try to tell me HOW to do something. Look it may work for you but I get the same end result doing it my way.

I hate when others exclude me because they know I will hold them back. Or that I have to be available on their time or I miss out.

Many only contact me if they want something. Does anyone just talk now a days?

I worked hard to get my degree and I am working hard to get my CPA license. Some things come easily but others I will struggle with. Wouldn’t you?

Let’s all be nice to each other and find our way to the end of 2020!

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