Thank you for your service

Those 5 words can mean a lot.

Despite what anyone thinks anyone who has served has in essence written a check payable to the United States of America up to and including their life.

The reasons people commit to serving vary from person to person but they ultimately mean the same. Everyone sacrificed something.

For me I join the Navy as a Nuclear Engineer (Yes I even asked the test scorer what math questions I got wrong) following my boyfriend at the time. Not realizing the true impact of it I switched to the ARNG but before I could deploy I was severely injured. I fought to stay in the ARNG but ultimately MEPS said no.

But yet I still consider myself a veteran and I give up on making people think that.

Sacrifices for me include giving up going to college and creating a lifelong community of colleagues. Sometimes I wonder who is actually there for me.

Now I fight the front line here fighting for equality in pretty much everything I do. In both work and in play. I complain because I am treated differently and usually in a negative manner.

November 11 is one day that we should honor those who have ever served. Location shouldn’t matter.

It’s one day of the year that we can be thankful for anyone who has ever served! Happy Veterans Day!

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