Will this pass?

2020 is a hard year for everyone

systematic racism,


People are more worried about themselves and not about others

I’m trying to keep my head high I know what I am doing and often people think they are better than me.

I talk funny.

I think things through differently.

I have different obstacles to overcome.

By no means do I wish the pain of what I have been through upon others! but I just wish they could open their eyes one day.

I was writing a bio paragraph of me tonight and WOW!

Doctors gave me a very slim chance of surviving the night of February 13, 2007

but since then I have earned my AS and BS in Accounting,

MS In Forensic Accounting,

Relearned how to walk, talk, eat, and live on my own.

Relearned how to drive,

Been to a BSB concert with a good friend and sat in the front row!

Held down employment,

Written a book,

Started studying for the CPA test,

And took up paracycling.

I’m starting to think doctors were wrong?

This just goes to show you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

So I am going to keep on improving my skills and see where that takes me. Are you with me?

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