3d people -human character with word” hello”. 3d render illustration

The pandemic has changed the world

Quarantine at it’s finest

Wearing masks indoors even at banks has become a reality.

The fear of walking into a zoom meeting or even having your zoom meeting has become a reality.

Physical interaction almost seems to be non existent.

People are doing what they can in order to survive.

Having a disability does not make this situation any better, in fact it makes it worse. People with disabilities often depend on others in order to live and in order to survive

Now those people with disabilities are struggling just to survive It’s harder than ever to do and to be.

For me it seems that I rely a lot on being liked by others and being able to please them. When that fails, I fail.

I already have it hard enough, fighting for equality in employment and such. This situation only makes it worse.

I often think that people are fairly arrogant about themselves; they don’t seem to understand nor realize the impact that it plays on others With having an analytical mind I can often see through this and yes it has gotten me in trouble before. I guess others don’t like hearing about their own downfalls

But I know what I am good at and can excel at, people can do what they want until they discover how harmful their actions may be. It’s a matter of choice.

The choice is yours, how are you choosing to live?

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