Life goes on

When I started writing this blog I really didn’t know where the heck I was heading with it.

And I still don’t. However I am amazed by the amount of people who find my actions inspiring; I honestly do appreciate that. I’m hoping that someone somewhere is helped in some way or form.

For the most part I can get along with anyone but once in a while I run into someone that I just can’t. At times I have wanted to give up trying but then I wonder how will this turn out?

Quite often it does feel that I have to do extra just to become even close to being equal as my peers. And even then it really becomes frustrating.

I have overcome every challenge placed before me and I suggest that is how you try to live your life.

Don’t get me wrong there will be days that I really just want to give up. Times when I am asked to do something but I know that I can’t do but still asked to do. Or times when my ideas and suggestions get brushed off someone’s shoulder as if they don’t matter.

We all have talents and gifts and it is in our best interest to use them.

Not everyone will understand and not everyone will care how their actions impact others.

I am very aware that what I am able to accomplish after the injuries I received is somewhat of a miracle but that does not give people the right to treat me less because my voice or my actions suggest something differently.

I fight for what is right and will do whatever I am able to legally do to enforce the protections that are in place to support everyone that is different or unique, People may hate me for it but so what? Change only happens if it is pursued.

How are you living your life?

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