All the little things DO add up!

Each of us has own talents,

our own beliefs,

and our own miracles!

Hi again! I’m back and better than ever.

I took off about a week after losing my streak and I come back stronger than ever.

One of the reasons that I left was due to the media and people

The hate towards racial injustice was to the point that it was not safe going anywhere. Add to that the pandemic

It’s during time like these that you really see the true side of everyone

You see those who want to help

and you see those who want to argue with you constantly because you don’t want to do what they want you to do

Where can you draw the line?

I have dealt with both types of people and I got to deal with a bonus of people around me clinging to me and almost shielding a plastic bubble around me. It got to be extremely frustrating,

but again do they know? Do you know?

No 2 people are alike and there is no WAY that you know how I feel.

People think I have it easy, live on social security all my life and not have to take my own responbulity. But that is as far as they look. They don’t realize the amount of energy it takes to move, to breathe, and try to be normal.

Oh enough of the bitching!

We all have our own talents.

And together this makes us who we are!

Great at baking? Bake all your hearts desires.

Great at talking comfort to others? Talk all you can talk

Great at helping others? Help all you can!

We are all in this together! Please don’t assume that you are better than others. Please don’t assume that you know what is best.

We are all individuals

All of our talents do matter, no matter how small they may be!

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