I wish

Life wasn’t so difficult;

That others could see me for who I am

and not someone that was different from who they are!

I wish that others wouldn’t blame me with problems because they don’t like the way it was done.

I wish that others would stop saying sorry because they think they know what I go through.

I wish people would stop picking on me because I am not like them

I wish people would stop pushing their beliefs on me.

I wish things were back to normal.

I wish I could wake up and I could run, I could walk normal, I could talk normal, I could see normal.

Although I am about half death in one ear I hear pretty damn well.

But often it feels like I have to fight to be equal.

Free from discrimination, Free from hate, Free from avoidance

This COVID-19 surely has gotten the best of people, along with the racism fight I honestly don’t know when it will stop.

I have skills such as perseverance and a fight to succeed that honestly not everyone has.

I don’t like taking the easy way out but unfortunately that is not how everyone sees it.

I fought for my successes, I fought my way through school to earn my Master’s degree.

I took Calculus 2 right when I started school after my injury and I got the highest grade in my college class.

I have flaws but they are not as big as you may see. Can you open your eyes?

I take credit for my failures but at the same time I stand up for what is right.

I hate when others try to make it fall on me but guess what I can tell you sometimes what the heck you are doing wrong!

I am a pretty good detective and I am very good at figuring things out.

Life is like a puzzle and for those like me, none of the pieces fit; we have to bend them, to break them, and hammer them in so that they fit.

Should life really be like this?

Shouldn’t we all be treated equally?

Should titles matter?

2 thoughts on “I wish

  1. I see a kind, compassionate person who has so much to offer. A survivor, a warrior. I see a gift to her family and friends as well as an inspiration to many. I see my sweet neighbor girl. 😘

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