Definitely Trying times!


Ever felt like you just can’t keep up?

Do you have something holding you back?

How do you manage? Can you find other ways to help?

Is that even possible?

I wish I could offer more advice than to just keep trying but really that is the start of it all.

These trying times have definitely pushed my button!

Most people can use zoom to communicate; that’s something that I have trouble with.

People know that I work from home and now that most are working from home I have to be available on their schedule, it’s extremely frustrating.

If that means if you want to do something please do not let someone try to tell you otherwise, well as long as it is legal.

I often do tasks in a different way then maybe you do. I get the end result but why try to confuse the hell out of me in order to do it the way that you want! And that way may be stuck in the past, please learn to modernize!

So please everyone, look around you. Is what you are doing only helping yourselves and creating misery for those that you are asking?

Or are you truly thinking of the other person in mind?

I know I’m not the only one with goals in the next few years and I’d like to accomplish them.

Wouldn’t you like to accomplish your goals?

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