Be free!


Is life bringing you down?

How can you manage all of the stress

and still be productive?

Productive in your social life and productive in your professional life?

Find something that you enjoy doing and just go for it!

Push yourself to do more than what you wanted and you will be very glad that you did it.

I love when I get on the bike; it makes me feel free. It helps me clear my mind and I desperately needed that! I also love being able to do more than others would ever think.

I only intended riding 5 miles to my parents house in a different but close city and riding back the 5 miles.

Well after leaving their house I wanted to try a route back that I had mapped out over the winter and it was very close to where I was.

Well soon into it I hit 10 miles, 12 miles, 15 miles, and then 20 miles when I hit home.

Now I can’t wait to have a chance at being moved down and potentially Tokyo 2021!

How are you being free?

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