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Inspirational Leader

Many people argue that because I am so short that the term “Supergirl” is more appropriate to use.

I am 5 feet 2 and a half inches but being short has its advantages!

I don’t have to duck in low ceilings.

My center of gravity is lower to the ground.

I can fit in smaller places.

There are often somethings you just can’t believe until you experience them.

Everyone can come up with some reason as to why but do you really have to believe them?

I workout and I can do one arm pushups so it is no surprise that I am strong.

However what happened one day just completely surprised me.

I was sitting in my car and getting ready to get out and pop:


I’ve heard people tell me oh that is just plastic.

Well if so then why did it take nearly 13 years to break?

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