Tale of 2 cities


It’s past midnight and I can’t sleep

I just have way too much going on through my mind.

I am starting to wonder if this is the end of the world, I am not sure who or what to believe anymore.

All I know is that I am stuck at home and often alone.

I find myself doing cooking videos, reorganizing rooms, and watching tv.

I am now studying for the CPA test, I am not sure how that will go or even if it will happen.

Bike rides have been cancelled and postponed, meetings have been cancelled, events have been postponed.

Will I ever get the chance to get reclassified? Most know that I should but unfortunately that doesn’t include those who do it.

I feel like once again I have to be the strong one for some, oh how quickly tables turn when things go sour.

But soon it will be back to before or will it be?

Life is too precious to waste. 

I’m up wondering how I can fix this if at all?

Can I?

Can you?

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