Life is too short

Image may contain: Carol Cisneros-Witt

With everything going on in this world with the pandemic it is hard to advance our lives.

but the pandemic is not always what is going on. Diseases, conditions, cancer, and so on can happen at anytime.

What we do now matters to what will happen tomorrow or the near future.

Do we want to be known differently?

Do we want others to say that we made an impact on the world?

There is something great about each of us but do others know about it?

Be an inspiration today, you will provide others a sense of hope and comfort when the time comes and a loss is experienced.

I have experienced quite a few losses but that doesn’t make each any better.

My dad passed when I was 14 but I got to meet my Stepdad in 2001.

I lost my sense of purpose and belonging in the car accident in 2007.

My father’s friend son passed away in 2012.

And today my Aunt Carol passed away. We knew it was coming but oh so soon.

It hurts but a new normal will be made.

Just like we have had to make a new normal to combat this virus.

Remember to be an inspiration to others and make an impact in this world!

RIP Carol Jean Cisneros (Witt) 4/4/2020

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