Range times 2

Ok yay you get the best news possible but then you are silenced from telling the world.

That you should be able to handle

but then you get news that is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum.

How the heck do you manage that?

This social distancing doesn’t help either but I guess it is necessary; my goal is not attract COVID-19 since I don’t have a spleen.

But anyways how the heck do you manage?

Since talking can be difficult for me, I’m thankful for those that have been understanding, especially those who haven’t hung up on me! But then I am stuck talking to myself a majority of the time.

The wide range of fluctuation can be very harming to your mind.

Questions may come up and some you may not be able to answer. It sure can be frustrating.

The best advice that I  can give is to continue to be an inspiration to others; you will be glad that you did.

What you give out now, you will get back! Look forward to that if anything!

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible”

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