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Trying to find purpose in this bare existence is meeting up against a strong resistance. The harder I try the question is always why. Why do I bother when I know I will die. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day but it’s coming down the tracks and I will be unable to get out […]

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What is the meaning of your life?

2 thoughts on “Meaning of Life — Scribblers Arena

  1. Yernasia Quorelios September 8, 2019 — 2:17 am


    ◇ Diamond Hard – Personally I Hate Leaders EveryOne; I AM a TeamWorker and Team has No ‘I’ in it as in “I AM THE LEADER!!!”…so, given that RANT!!! 😭😢😵😳😡😠 just How is a Team then Directed 🤔 ? Well, DUHHH!!! EveryOne, ALL in a Team has a Unique Skillset and for Some Dumb Reason The Strategist is called ‘The Leader’ when it’s Others in The Team that Actually Get Things Done; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that it’s Leadership in Any Given Event or Situation, an Equitable Arrangement that does NOT!!! Allow for The Emergence of Nasty Dictators…I Have Had Plenty A PAST DICTATORIAL BOSS!!! 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊 – Diamond Hard



    ♡ Jeepers, We ARE Born Warm and Wet, We Die Cold and Cramped; then, in The MeanTime this is How We CHOOSE!!! to Live Our 3DLife, Led by The Bull-Ring in Our Nose, Tut-Tut 😏🙄🤗



    ◇ Diamond Hard – It’s a Tough Ask but now, after Many Years of Angst and Confusion, if a Person, Especially Ladies, Delivers Me The Line “NEVER EVER COMMUNICATE WITH ME AGAIN!!! 😬😡😠 ” I Take Them Seriously 🤓 ; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Take Their Hand and Pull Them Back Up On to Their Feet when They Come Crawling Back as Do Many Others Like Me 🤗 – Diamond Hard yet Forgiving



    ◇ Diamond Hard – It Used to be Upsetting and NOW!!! it’s Water Off A Ducks Back; recently I Have Been ‘Called’ a “Black Cunt”, an “Arsehole” and Many Other Insults from a ‘Deranged’, Damaged Entity; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Surprised MySelf with My Intellectual ReAction or Non-Action, to My Vicious, Negative, Nasty, Adverse Emotional Response…simply, I Said “I Love You.”; the Calmer Entity is a Lot Quieter Now and More Respectful of EveryOne – Diamond Hard


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