Hidden treasures!

Life is not all black and white!

It can be full of surprises.

You may not know them doing just as you are doing today.

Instead you ought to take risk’s and see where they lead you.

I took a deep risk and signed up for a bike tour of Rockford Illinois.

Did you know that Rockford Illinois had a zoo in the 1920’s?

That Broadway street was a marketing ploy and was actually 14th avenue?

That Rockford had a bunch of Swedish settlers because it was the train tracks farthest west stop?

That the Rockford Peaches were an important asset to the start of Women’s professional softball?

That the ole saltys potato chips had the first storefront on 21st street in the 80’s?

That Turner school is now a police headquarters?

There is so much rich history in downtown Rockford that I would have never known if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone.

Are you experiencing the new?

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