Why do we dream?

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Is there an answer to this question?

Do we dream to make ourselves better?

Do we dream to fulfill a life’s purpose?

Do we dream to prove something wrong?

Do we dream because we have nothing else to do?

This is a question that can help guide our everyday actions.

Sometimes dreams will stay on the path that they are on.

Sometimes dreams change paths depending on the circumstances.

My dream as a child was to be a math teacher of all things. I became involved in Girl Scouts and I really enjoyed being able to help others. I joined Mathletes in 6th grade because I enjoyed math because of the analysis and unknown answers.

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What is pi?

What is the square root of X if 3Y and 3.5Z is equal to X plus 27?

I was on the path to become a math teacher. I took advanced math classes…

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5 thoughts on “Why do we dream?

  1. Everyone dream, few works towards it


      1. Many. The current one is to publish my book 😊

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