How many does it take?


Not everything is simple.

Some things take a more careful thought out plan

but at the same time in can be quite amusing.

Is it not their trade?

What if they were doing it to help someone?

A while back I was part of the Net Church. A mission project we worked on was to clean up a house.

I remember being in one of the rooms cleaning it and with a few of us were two pastors.

The two pasters were standing under the lightbulb and someone took a picture of it and captioned:

“How many Pastors does it take to change a lightbulb”.

That was several years ago and tonight reminded me of that. Except totally different situation!

I brought my trike back in because it was squealing; it turns out the headset became loose.

While I was there I asked them to look at my rear brakes. Most bikes only have one rear wheel and thus one rear brake. However a trike has two rear wheels and thus two rear brakes. The front levers now have to brake two wheels with one cable.

The cable goes into a splitter and each brake gets an end of the cable.

Before I knew it there were 4 employees looking at the brakes and trying to get them to brake faster.

After tightening and loosening all of the screws and bolts of the brakes as well as replacing a cable, they opted just to install new brakes that require a shorter distance to stop.

How many people does it take to do something outside of your trade?

Is it a learning experience?

3 thoughts on “How many does it take?

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  2. you are a good soul –

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