Freedom isn’t free

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This is a concept that is known and understood by many.

We all make some sort of sacrifice in our daily lives.

Maybe we have to work the 3rd shift job because we have a family to care for and we can’t get a job other places. In turn we are jailed from seeing our family and friends for the most part.

Maybe we have to take another part of the assignment that we dislike so that all can participate.

Soldiers are willing to sacrifice their lives for our country.

But freedom can mean oh so much more.

For many with a disability they are jailed by that.

They aren’t able to safely participate with their peers.

This leads to isolation and a sense of just wanting to feel like they belong.

For me this is no different, I feel so isolated and this is one of the reasons I…

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3 thoughts on “Freedom isn’t free

  1. Freedom has so many shades – whatever can keep our hearts in blithe

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