43 hours. 7 things to do.

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Ok confess up. We all have waited for the last minute.

“It’s too early, it can wait”

“I have time left”

“That won’t take that long to do”

Ok maybe it won’t take that long to do but you don’t know unless you try of course.

And then you realize it may take longer than noted.

How the heck do you manage it all?

Prioritize and double up tasks. If you have to do laundry, is it really necessary to watch the clothes spin? Or could  you cross off another item on your list?

Maybe watching the clothes is fun but you are bound to get dizzy.

At 8 this morning I realized that I have about 44 hours before I left for camp this Monday morning around 4 am.

I still had to hold mail, do laundry, finish church reports, scan and send papers for my military stipend, pack, and clean.

On top of that I am still waiting for my return labels that I need to print out for my trike. At least that is in CA right now and one less thing to do.

Now I am down to laundry, packing, and cleaning. Anyone want to help clean tomorrow?

Prioritize and it won’t be so bad!

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