Is less more?

Well that didn’t last long but I am excited to Start with Culinary Accountants soon!

Inspirational Leader


Sometimes we compare ourselves to others. We do this to seem like we are equal but in reality we are all different.

We set our minds on what we want instead of the overall picture and what could be.

With each of us unique, what may be listed on paper might not be as you assumed. Areas may be different, abilities may be different, and our views may be different. You really don’t know until you try.

I made the decision to enter in the Bookkeeping career path even though I have relatively little knowledge about Bookkeeping. My masters is in Forensic Accounting which deals with detecting fraud and I feel like it could be a very advantageous trait that could carry over. Data entry is not my strongest skill but I can do it decently.

After seeing a company on the news, I decided to send them a cover…

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