It ain’t going anywhere!

We often hold on to things in our life that may not be relevant to our life today.

We tie them down in every way possible.

The ultimate goal is that it is still there when we go back to life.

It can be tricky to know what to hold on but when we do, we make sure that it goes nowhere because we don’t want to lose again.

All these pieces make us who we are and when it is put together it is complete.

It makes us who we are.

If we lose one piece of our puzzle, our whole will be incomplete.

Can we manage without all of the missing parts?

Do we know how to replace them?

This afternoon I took my trike apart to be picked up for CA tomorrow. Last time I used bike flight pieces were all over and I even had a few tools somehow disappear.


I took extra care to make sure everything was tied to something and those things were tied to other things. Everything was connected and the box is fairly packed this time around.

When I go to CA next week I hope everything will be there!

How are you handling all your pieces that make you who you are?

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