Ready and waiting.

The day has come.

All your prep will hopefully be put to good use.

Life is great as you think.

But now you must wait and do nearly everything out of routine and familiarity.

Is it worth it?

Life is only what you make it, continue to learn and grow.

Make mistakes but find new ways to get it down.

Do stuff out of the usual routine and familiarity.

You will be very happy that you did.

I am using bike flights to get my trike to CA for camp next week.


FedEx is picking it up but didn’t give me a time and it is too valuable to leave unattended.

Normally I sit in my office but today I set up camp in the kitchen to watch it.

I hope they come sin.

How are you changing your routine in order to grow?

5 thoughts on “Ready and waiting.

  1. All the best my friend – have a great time in CA

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    1. I have already lost my seat wrench and a spacer for my draft bar. Oh and my rear brakes are broken, this is going to be great!

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      1. Oh. Not a good start. I am sure it will all work out

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        1. Duct tape fixes everything! Thanks 😊

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