You are smart

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What do you think when you hear these words?

Book Smart

Street Smart


This phrase can signify several answers but in reality it depends on the context being used.

In some situations it can also lead to several questions that may need to be answered.

Ironically the answers to these questions need to be asked and answered before you can answer the first question.

It’s a never ending circle and that answer to the first question may never be fully understood.

We can make assumptions but as the saying goes, it can make an ass out of u and me.

I was told that last night and I was asked why I am not working. I’ve been searching for that answer for some quite time.

People are often at a loss for words when they see my resume, bachelors in Accounting, master’s in Forensic Accounting, Military service, years of paid work experience, and years of volunteer experience. I didn’t add my Girl Scout Gold Award since that may be just a tad too much for some people.

I can assume that when HR hangs up on me it is because they don’t like how I sound but I have no concrete proof of that.

How do you define smart?

7 thoughts on “You are smart

  1. I hope you get your job soon my friend. Now to answer you question, In my opinion when we try to look smart we falter. I guess we need to stay natural

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    1. Thanks. Very interesting perspective. What do you mean by natural?

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      1. I meant do what you will usual do in normal circumstances

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  2. You have a lot going for you! πŸ™‚

    Smart is knowing yourself and following your intuition.

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    1. Thanks. I never thought of it that way but awesome!

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