Too thick to break through

How tough are you?

No not physically but instead we are talking mentally.

We face decisions, dilemmas, and rejection almost daily. Sometimes it may be hard to get through and that is the plan.

But what if someone or something gets through? Should we allow it to or do we need to toughen up?

Take this slab of ice for example:


It is so nicely preventing others from getting to my front door.

It’s proving it’s toughness by not giving way to  being broken and shoveled away even with the half bag of salt and hot water.

Only one thing seems to break it and that it the sun.

It’s missing because the weather has been crappy lately.

What is missing from your toughness? Where can you find it?

6 thoughts on “Too thick to break through

  1. This topic is so important. We all have a “slab of ice,” don’t we? It’s a beautiful metaphor for our mental/emotional challenges. Dave Asprey wrote about rejection in his book Game Changers. He said that one way we can work with feelings of rejection is to stop creating stories in our heads about other people’s behavior toward us. I’ve struggled with this problem my entire life. Slowly I am learning that these stories don’t help, even if we believe they are true. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. This issue is a common thread throughout humanity, and you’ve brought it into the sun.

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    1. Thanks for your comments and stopping by. I have never read that book so I guess I should go do that?
      There is so much negativity in this world. I know my struggles are experienced by others so I am trying to show using real word life examples that it is possible to overcome.
      Please feel free to share my blog! Have an awesome day!

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  2. It is a state of mind. What is stoping us? An inspiring post

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    1. We are stopping ourselves quite often 😦

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  3. Reblogged this on Inspirational Leader and commented:

    We are seeing the other end of the weather spectrum, 95 degrees. Haha


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