Looks can be deceiving!

What you may see on the outside may not be truthful.

In fact they can be deceiving.

They may look fine but then questions begin to emerge as they speak.

Or you see someone in their twenties using a cane to walk. No they are not a senior aged individual in disguise.

With the incorrect assumptions, theories are formed. Negative images are formed. And suddenly they find and try every way to exclude them.

Plain and simple this is not right. I’m starting to wonder how people are raised.

And no it is not just the younger ones, the older ones try and sometimes they succeed in finding a way to get them out. But for some, especially me I will bitch , complain, and fight until the end. Sorry but that is just me.

I’ve met a lot of folks on linkedin and for sometime I was very hesitant to speak. Mainly because I was afraid of what they may think of.

Looking at me you really just see a normal human being. I am sitting here of course. When I walk I often use a cane. But it really confuses people when I speak. I’m taking a chance posting this but this needs to be seen!



Remember looks can be deceiving!

3 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving!

  1. My dad worked with people with TBI. You are warriors who have so much to give this world. So much respect to you. Only the people who recognize what you have to give are the ones to listen to. Keep forging your way. You have a powerful message to share.

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    1. Thanks! I appreciate it very much. 🙂

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