The tornado has hit!

Well the message still applies minus the job.

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Throughout the year we are always keeping in mind a goal that we want to hit, it may or may not come true but hey at least we know we tried.

But in the event that it does come true, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

How on the earth do we handle it?

We can put it off until there is time for us to fully devote our attention to it.

But really when does that happen?

Life happens and everything that is in and all that surrounds it still happens. And we may not get to it.

Days become weeks.

Weeks become months.

Months become years.

The trick here is to prioritize and sometimes you may need to take a chance.

Do what needs to be done first but keep the end in sight. Accept the wrongs that come with it.

I did nearly everything that…

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