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Brainstorming can be a really good idea. No idea is ever a bad idea.

You don’t know how it is played out or what may happen.

You may never know if you can accomplish it

but hey you may never know if you don’t try!

To add to the stress you really don’t know what others might thing.

They may try to bring you down thus ultimately never letting you at least try.

I am always brainstorming new ideas. There isn’t much research done on TBI.

And what is out there paints a poor picture and future of those with a TBI.

A lot of what I set my mind out to is trial n error. I also get quite a lot of people assuming that I can pick up something just like that. The truth is that I can’t.

I am often set up for failure because of this assumption amongst other things.

I say this again because this is the truth and always will be. I try to set out to change how people view people like me but it is quite annoying when they act like they know how to make me do a poor job by omitting vital information.

Sorry for the rant but this is reality. One of the senses I have seemed to develop in the ability to pick up when someone is acting like they are lying or trying to set me up for failure.

Brainstorming can be beneficial to anyone. It can help pave the path for the future. It can show you talents you may have never known.

How has brainstorming helped you?

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