When one door closes?


As the saying goes, another door should open.

But what if the door has been closed numerous times?

What happens now? Do you try to find another door?

Or do you just accept it and try to move on?

Well that really depends on you and your surroundings.

Life is never easy unless we all lived individually in a bubble. But that is not reality.

Life happens, shit happens, and we experience it all over again.

I have endured a lot of closing doors and somehow I find myself digging out of the hole to find another closed door.

However I am not sure if I can do it again. Although I am glad to not have to go to work there again, I am not sure about even trying anymore. Despite all of the rules against discrimination in the workplace, employers bypass all of them.

I’m glad that I was given a chance however I think she assumed that I could do more. I also feel that there was some nepotism going on coupled with the lack of training.

What happens now? That’s a very good question and I am struggling to answer.

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