The challenge begins but it’s nothing that will stop me!

From my old site, put your mind to it and you can succeed!


About a week ago when they told me that they were going to keep me as a T2 I was devestated. I’m sure it hindered my performance. I felt like I had let people down. I kept talking about these good times but they just didn’t happen. It was upsetting!

That was quickly turned around after talking with my coach. Zip Lining was the cherry on top. I conquered a lot in South Africa doing things I never imagined that I would be doing. I’m fairly sure that the early doctors would be shaking their heads in disbelief if they heard what the heck I was up to! I would go back if I was ever given the chance to!

So anyways I have heard a lot from a few people about this whole classification thing. I am keeping names silent to avoid calling them out. As I can say…

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2 thoughts on “The challenge begins but it’s nothing that will stop me!

  1. Life will give you more they say

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