Toxic Terrorizing Tarantulas

Did you know that some tarantulas are friends with benefits to tiny frogs?

Frogs have a terrible skin toxin that tastes terrible to tarantulas.

Also tarantulas protect frogs from snakes since the frog eats the snakes prey remains thus diverting attraction from the predators attracted to the remains.

See the source image

But anyways, enough of that. Here are some motivational words for you:


Possessing diplomacy at handling sensitive situations. Having tact.


1: a natural God-given ability.

2: someone with exceptional abilities or gifts.

3: someone who is suitable for romance.



1: Perceptible by touch or able to be touched.

2: understandable or able to be evaluated.

Noun. Something possessing physical form.


1: something that tastes nice.

2: something done in good taste or showing good taste.


1: someone who teaches something.

2: something that teaches something.


Someone who works cooperatively and in harmony well with others.


Something or someone where the main focus is God.


1: extremely meticulous in doing something.

2: complete and full.


Considerate and caring


1: careful use of resources and money.

2: thriving and prosperous.



1: orderly and neat in appearance.

2: methodical and systematic.

Verb. To make someone or something tidy.

Noun. The act of making something neat and orderly.


1: something able to be tolerated.

2: something good but not great.


Something that moves people to emotions such as tenderness warmth and sympathy.


1: very strong.

2: very resilient.


Please feel free to check out the other letters as well as my other posts. Have a great day!

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