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Extreme desire for one goal such a career may mean that other important goals such as a good family life and strong friendships may be sacrificed.  For some women extreme dedication to family may mean that they sacrifice a good career.  Variety in life is usually sacrificed where there is extreme desire for one or only a few goals.


A self-disciplined person has learned selfcontrol and has learned the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a goal.


A selfreliant person can achieve a goal largely with his own knowledge and/or skills.


Serenity is frequently an unintended goal which comes to people (incapacitated by illness and/or incapacitated by accident) and/or slowed down by old age but it frequently doesn’t exist in people with the responsibility of caring for a family or those pursuing a stressful job.


Simplicity or the shortest and/or least complex and/or speediest means to a goal and is frequently the most efficient and best means to achieve a goal(s).


Success is the achievement of a goal.

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