Glutton for punishment?

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Have you ever done something and felt like you were being punished for it?

Maybe that something was to fix something that you did earlier or maybe it was feeling like it needed to be extra.

You could keep it as is now but then again you have no idea what will happen. Perhaps it will be a greater punishment then now if you just did it right now.

As I mentioned before, earlier today I packed the trike up to go to sunny and warm in California. I pack my bike pump as I normally do and not thinking where I was going.

And of course my cycling coach noticed the pump and asked why.

So this afternoon (Heat wave at 35 degrees!) I stood outside to take the pump out. Then I spent about 15 minutes trying to get the lid on the container. Oh fun!

But it is done now and I am almost ready to go to warmth!

Are you setting yourself up for punishment?

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