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Censorship as a goal is justified for minors to prevent minors from being prematurely exposed to and potentially beginning the practice of severely deviant and injurious and frequently criminal social behaviors.


A challenge is trying to achieve a goal(s) which will take an above average amount of effort to achieve and frequently does not have a great probability of being achieved.


The goal of wisdom is to accumulate truths throughout a lifetime but wisdom is also having a mental feeling of what should and should not be changed.  Everything changes with duration to some degree.


Commitment is the duration of and attachment to a goal(s). Commitment is the amount of time which you decide to use in trying to achieve a goal(s) and ends when you stop using time trying to achieve the goal(s).  Commitment may last only a few seconds or as long as a complete lifetime such as a lifelong marriage.


Communication is necessary if the same goals are to be made by more than one individual and achieved by more than one individual cooperatively.


Competition is when two or more people want the same goal and are trying to achieve the same goal(s).  It is important that just laws exist in a society which promote peaceful competition and not violent competition.  Economic competition and cooperation should replace military competition worldwide wherever possible if the existence of worldwide peace is ever to be achieved.


Confidence grows when the goals which you succeed in start to outnumber the goals that you don’t succeed at.


Conformity is imitating behaviors.  The goal of conforming to morality or the same basic or dominant social rules is what makes civilization possible.


A goal which attempts the conservation of nature’s biodiversity is the predominant guarantee of the long duration survival of humans.


A considerate person thinks about his goals and the goals that others are trying to achieve and tries to minimize the human stress which could easily start if those opposing or different goals are not acknowledged and reacted to with acceptable human etiquette.


Conviction is a belief that something is true or a belief that a goal(s) is achievable under the right circumstances and/or with calculated effort.


Doing or working together to achieve a goal(s).  Cooperative people usually are helpful in another’s goal(s) even though the goal(s) may not be one that one is attracted to or that one approves of.


Courage is continuing to pursue a goal(s) when the odds are against you and/or when the pursuit of the goal(s) is filled with danger.


If your goal is to create something truly new and useful it frequently requires much knowledge and ingenuity and much experimentation.


Curiosity is a desire to acquire new knowledge and/or experiences. Curiosity is the motivation which makes new goals and learning and experiences possible.  Curiosity will eventually show old and sometimes new truths and increase your knowledge about the world.



Any others?

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