23 degrees or 72 degrees?



Sometimes the best option is easiest but what about all the steps that are needed to get there?

It may be the better choice to chose the worse option after evaluating all the steps to get there.

but is it better to push through all those steps to achieve the best?

Does time have a factor in this?

What about duration?

Each situation is different and the outcomes may be based upon different externalities.

Or is it easier to say that you are chasing your dreams with the best option?

It was 23 degrees out this morning and I am leaving for California tomorrow morning. My bags are not packed, my trike is not packed.

The last time I took the trike apart was in May. I didn’t need to disassemble it when I went to Nationals because I drove. Needless to say grease junk has built up in some parts.

The bolts on my seat stay, trike axle, and handlebar were all pretty stuck. I stood in my garage with the door shut for a good hour getting them loose. The trick will be reassembling it in California!

Image may contain: indoor

Sometimes the best option may take a lot of extra work but the worse option can leave you feeling miserable.

Are you pushing yourself to reach your goals?

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