Dirty Diaper Diarrhea

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Dirty Diaper Diarrhea!

Doesn’t it look good?

Here is “D” for you!


Daring is the courage to do something especially when it is done without permission or without a legal right to do so or it is the courage to do something which one believes to be socially unacceptable.


A desire for a goal(s) is the motivation which precedes the achievement of the goal(s) or which precedes an attempt at achieving a goal(s).


Destiny is your fate which has been modified by choosing and achieving goals throughout your life.


Determination is when persistence and perseverance both exist when trying to achieve a goal(s).


Having direction in your life is trying to achieve short duration and relatively new long duration goals.  Direction can frequently defeat a hopeless lifestyle which seems to be making no new progress.


Discipline is using just rewards and punishments to speed up the acquiring of a new goal(s). A disciplined effort to achieve a goal(s) will frequently succeed where a gambling or risky effort will not.


The goal of making new discoveries is possible with the help of science and the scientific method.


Any others that you would add?

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