When you are given lemons make lemonade


See the source imageNo one likes eating and drinking the juice of whole lemons but if you make it into lemonade, it is much sweeter to drink.

Likewise if you are dealt a bad set of cards in life than you need to figure out how best you can play them.

If you play the sour cards at an optimum time, then you will make a sweeter path for your life.

I can’t tell what you should do as you are the only one that knows best for yourself.

Learn from your mistakes and grow from them.

That is really all that matters.

See the source image

After my biological dad passed away I made a lot of wrong decisions. I hung out with the wrong crowd because that is where I felt that I belonged. I didn’t have sex or do drugs but I did disobey my parents and stretched my limit.

After joining the military at 17, I got on a better track. I learned from my mistakes and used my knowledge and traits to get where I am today.

I have heard from many people that I have an inspiring story but I just nodded and went on my way.

A few months ago I learned about the LinkedIn Social Selling index. I checked this morning and was very surprised at what I saw:


Looking further I found this:


Now I am not perfect but I am trying my hardest.

What are you making with your lemons?

See the source image

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