I’m Guilty!

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I read lips and because I do, having eye contact is a must!

Is there something that you do that goes against the norm of society that aides you in some way?

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Maybe you use sign language to communicate?

Maybe you are known for your body movements?

Maybe you are known for having different symbols that identify different objects?

Or maybe you read lips?


I’m partially deaf with only around 50% hearing in my right ear and 90% in my left. This could have been because of the accident or from shooting off 9mm’s, m14’s, m21’s, and grenades in the military. Or it could have been from both but we don’t really know.

And because of this I tend to read lips. I know the alphabet in sign language but nearly everyone that I know doesn’t know the alphabet in sign language.

Reading lips helps me to understand what others are saying. This makes me an active listener and I often ask questions to make sure that I am understanding what they are saying. And because I read lips I have excellent eye contact (will leave the double vision for another day).

I never thought of it but this trait is actually helping me. At the mock interview last week I was told that I had excellent eye contact and seemed interested in the position and the interviewer. I never did hear if I got the position, does anyone know?

Sometimes you need to be guilty to get apart from the crowd.

Are you guilty of something that makes you stand out in a good way?

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