Screw it!

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Somedays you just need to say this when things are not going your way.

Often this can cheer you up

or maybe sick. HAHA!

I’m blaming this crazy weather on my problems lately. Ever since Friday my calf muscle in my left leg has been at it.

Today my right knee decided to chime in.

Both of these problems make it extremely hard to walk at times.

Part of my diet is limiting the amount of sugar I have (I’m an athlete, what can I say) but these raccoon cookies from Starbucks have 29 grams of sugar in them. I try to limit sugar to 10 grams a day.

But knowing that I was supposed to go to a nuclear power station open house in about 2 hours I basically said screw it:

Image may contain: drink and food

The absorption of sugar in my knee and calf would cure it, right?

Umm no but instead I got a bath in a cup of HOT coffee. I never did make it to the open house.

No automatic alt text available.

What are some things that you just want to say screw it to?

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1 thought on “Screw it!

  1. Reblogged this on Inspirational Leader and commented:

    Ugh! It’s going to be one of those days


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