The odd one out

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People come in all different shapes, sizes, culture, and ethnicities. We are not made to look alike and that is what makes us unique.

Each of us has own talents. Some can sing. Some can dance.

With immigration there are a mix of ethnicity and cultures among us.

Some are white. Some are black. Some are brown. Some are orange.

It’s important that we embrace these challenges because we never know when or where our next opportunity will be for us to make a difference in this world.

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I am at Day 1 of an Employment Boot  Camp.  It’s truly difficult being the odd one out. I am often ignored because I talk funny. I also present challenges that most don’t think about it.

I often wonder why that is but it is because they have never experienced it. I know I have more education than most but I often think of that as putting me on a level playing field with others. I am lacking because of my disability but I have an advantage because of being in the Military and having a Master’s Degree.

That however did not surprise me most. In this class there were only 6 or 7 colored individuals. Most of them gathered at one table for lunch. There was one spot at that table and I grabbed it. Not to feel like I was feeling sorry for them but because I know how it feels to be different and to embrace the fact of diversity.

Not only that, they all made me feel welcome which was kind of nice.

At dinner a few of them went above and beyond to make sure that I was sitting down and surrounded.

Heck that was awesome!

Are you embracing change and diversity in your daily lives?
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