From Jane Eyre to Harry Potter

Inspirational Leader

Books of all types can be found in my bookshelf.


There are bibles. There are yearbooks. There are guidance books. There are books of inspiration. There is even a “Where’s Waldo sticker book”!

Reading is something that a majority of us learn at a young age. There are “I can read books”, Instruction books, or even do it yourself books.

There is no limit to what you can find in a book, LITERALLY! Check out the “For Dummies” series.

With my double vision sometimes it makes it difficult to read. Quite often I needed to focus on one of the two images but often that is not safe or even accurate.

One Christmas, my parents bought us each a couple of the books that we loved as a child. These are on the top.


The 3 books on the bottom I received after my accident. They brought me some inspiration…

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4 thoughts on “From Jane Eyre to Harry Potter

  1. Love books too!! My kids loved those Frog and Toad series!! I am a Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte fan while my daughter is really into Harry Potter and loves fantasy. 🤓

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    1. Harry Potter series is great! I did a book report on Jane Austen. I have to admit that was a good read!

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  2. Beautiful collections and best friends one can have

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