It just won’t stop 4 feet later.

Inspirational Leader

Northern Illinois has experienced a lot of rain this week. Cars have become stuck in pools of water. Creeks have overfilled. People have needed to be rescued before their vehicle was caught in the river tide. People are getting water in their basement.

And it is raining again.

Think of the rain as personal problems, dilemmas, and barriers. These may stop momentarily but they will be right back at it.

No one has a perfect life. These problems, dilemmas, and barriers stop us to slow down and better ourselves.

Have a neighbor that just won’t listen and cut his grass? Find out the root of the problem and offer to help. The situation may just get better from that point on.

Physically challenged and it seems like you are constantly walked on? Take a stance and stand up for yourself. Next time that person walks right in front of you…

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