Preparation is key!



There are just some things that are better prepared for.

If you love sweets you can’t go into a bakery that only accepts cash and not have any cash on you. You have to be prepared and go to the bank for the cash. Otherwise you are not getting any sweets today from there.

If you play a sport, you need to practice. You can’t go into a competition and except to be 1st if there are other people there.

If you are a chef, you can’t make a dish that has Basil as the primary ingredient without any Basil. You need to prepare before hand and go get some Basil.

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You can’t do a lot of stuff without preparation. Sure you can go into something and have beginners luck with it. The next time can be worse if you don’t make sure to prepare for it.

Preparation is the key to success!

For the past year I have honestly been fearful of speaking in front of a crowd.

Will they understand me?

Will I be forgetful?

Will I sound okay?

Well today I basically said screw it and volunteered myself to give their elevator speech in front of the crowd. I missed a line but it wasn’t too bad.

In fact it wasn’t bad at all. I knew I had prepared myself to do this but that doesn’t mean I was scared shitless!

Preparation is key.

I know I can kill that mock interview tomorrow and any future mock interviews!

Are you preparing for success?

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