Runaway truck!

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Have you ever not been able to stop for some reason?

Maybe you are entwined with the possible outcome.

Maybe you are just buried in it.

Or maybe there is someone holding you back from stopping.

There  may also be the force of gravity.

I didn’t think much about it but I was going through Tennessee  on my way to Nationals there was one road that headed down and it was easy to get up to 90 mph! Not that I tried 😛

Along the route that were a few “runaway truck” ramps. They were interesting to see but thinking of it, considering how much trouble that I was having to stop, I could never imagine what the trucks went through.

They weren’t able to slow down on their own as they had something pulling them i.e. gravity!

But we all have the power to slow down ourselves. Slow down before it goes too far or gets too intense.

Are you slowing down or are you being pulled?

See the source image

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