Achieving perfection is like finding Lucky Charms Cereal in Europe

I will be on the road most of the day but I hope to be able to write a little bit later. Have a great day!

Inspirational Leader

Lucky Charms Cereal contains artificial dyes. Artificial dyes are banned in other countries.


Likewise it’s not possible to achieve perfection. Of course you can come extremely close.

And you should keep trying, you never know what you might learn for a future occurrence.

Yesterday I set out to apply for a dream job. I used a resume scan and it was only a 31% match. I changed some words and added some quantity.

Now it was a 53% match. I changed some more and rescanned it.

Now I was at 88%. I just couldn’t win. I re-read the suggestions and after 3 hours of revisions, multiple rescans, and frustration, I got a 97% match. Close enough to perfection as I was going to get.

I had to withdraw the application several times because of minor spell check errors.

I was not going to let this get away from me. I…

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