Better to be safe than sorry

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Sometimes it is just better to overkill something than to be stuck without it. It’s a matter to be prepared and this is something that I learned in the Military.

Maybe over packing and preparing is not one of your strong skills now but shouldn’t it be?

We go through life sometimes like we know what will be coming next but what happens if we were wrong or something happens?

And then we have to scramble to get it figured out. And most want it done yesterday nowadays. We live in an instant society so do we all have the patience to wait?

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Being prepared is something that we need to develop. We never know what can happen. We never know if a trip of ours can get extended for one way or another.

Sunday after church I am driving nearly 5 hours south to go to a 3 day employment conference with Deloitte and Wounded Warrior Project. I have packed 8 shirts, a pair of shorts, 3 pairs of pants, a pair of pajama pants, and a suit top. I think I am ready to go!

Oh wait I need to print off resumes, pack my laptop, pack some snacks, and pack my car. I guess that means I need to get some gas in the morning and maybe an oil change?

Best to be prepared and better to be safe than sorry!

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